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Role: Guest Introductions

What does the Guest Introducer do?

Assists the Sergeant-at-Arms to welcome members and guests arriving for the meeting. Helps guests to introduce themselves to the meeting.

Prior to meeting

Prepare a simple open question

Find out from the Toastmaster what the theme of the day is, and link the guest question to this.

Make sure the question is easy to answer with a simple short sentance, e.g. "What is your favourite food".

Arrive early to help the Sergeant-at-Arms Act in welcoming members and guests when they enter the meeting room. Make sure to smile and give out positive vibes as most of the people coming to our meetings are usually nervous and want to be reassured!

During the meeting

  • Introduce yourself to guests as they arrive.
  • Ensure each guest signs in with their name and e-mail address.
  • Engage the guests in conversation and introduce them to someone else who can give them a simple explanation of what happens in a meeting and what we would like them to do i.e. listen to the participants, introduce themselves to the group.
  • Before / in the break / after the meeting, ask them about their interest in the club / developing their communication skills etc.
  • Provide relevant information about how Toastmasters can meet their interests / objectives.
  • Encourage them to return to another meeting of the club or other more suitable Toastmasters club. Explain how to join if they are interested.
  • Invite guests to join us in the bar after the meeting.

Deliver your guest Introduction


The Guest Introductions segment is an opportunity for guests to stand up and briefly tell the audience their full name and their reason for attending. You may want to ask the audience to clap after all the guests have introduced themselves as this is a good way to save some time. Ensure you aknowledge everyone at the end for taking the first step in becoming a better public speaker.