Meet Your Committee

Michelle Senior


The boss

  • Toastmaster since October 2016.
  • Why did you join? – To hone my public speaking, develop and portray confidence, and to widen my network.
  • Biggest Learning – Effective public speaking is a skill and to master it you must practice, practice, and then practice some more. I used to believe that impactful public speakers had a gift but now I realise that anyone can have that ‘gift’ if they’re willing to apply the tools and techniques we learn at Toastmasters.

Ifeoma Okafor

Vice President – Education

Assigns club meeting roles and speeches

  • Toastmaster since June 2017.
  • Why did you join? – To become more confident at public speaking.
  • Biggest Learning – I’ve learnt and still learning how to calm my nerves when speaking in public. I have also learnt that public speaking is not only about being confident but also about the message (the structure and delivery).

Usha Nagasamy

Vice President – Membership

Helps guests and supports our members

  • Toastmaster since April 2018.
  • Why did you join? – Overcoming my limitations in public speaking to become an inspirational speaker.
  • Biggest Learning – I believe that people enrich our lives the most and so my biggest learning is from the interactions with the other club members.

Kevin Kalfon


Takes care of the money

  • Toastmaster since [TBC].
  • Why did you join? – [TBC].
  • Biggest Learning – [TBC].

Aislinn O’Toole

Vice President – Public Relations

Promoting the club

  • Toastmaster since [TBC].
  • Why did you join? – [TBC].
  • Biggest Learning – [TBC].

Figo Ulger

Sergeant at Arms

Logistics for meetings

  • Toastmaster since April 2017.
  • Why did you join? – to overcome my fear of speaking in from of people.
  • Biggest Learning – being vulnerable and understanding that its not a weakness but actually your greatest asset. Thats when the greatest connections will appear.


Club Secretary

Manages Club Files

  • Toastmaster since May 2016.
  • Why did you join? – To become more confident at public speaking.
  • Biggest Learning – I’ve learnt how to communicate more effectively and that with everything practice makes perfect. Toastmasters is and has been a great journey , that I have learnt so much and will continue to learn.

Gosia Syta

Immediate Past President

The last boss

  • Toastmaster since February 2016.
  • Why did you join? – To dust off my public speaking skills, increase my confidence and meet inspiring people.
  • Biggest Learning – I learnt how to “murder my darlings”, by which I mean leave out inessential parts of the speech, a very painful process. I learnt how to embrace pause. I learnt how to slow down. But most importantly I learnt to be scared and do it anyway..


IT Support

Manages website and IT Support

  • Toastmaster since January 2015.
  • Why did you join? – To improve my public speaking and help sell my own business.
  • Biggest Learning – By actually doing I am much better than I thought I was, and I am learning new skills every meeting, while having fun. It is also inspiring to hear everyone speak and learn new perspectives from every new member.